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For Women of all Stages of Life I offer Vaginal Steam Service, otherwise known as Yoni Steam.

This powerful and ancient practice can be found in at least 70 different cultures worldwide and has been used to maintain Women's reproductive health for thousands of years, from the onset of Menstruation through to Motherhood and into Menopause. Various organically grown herbs are used and the herbal steam is applied gently to the pelvic area. The steam carries various healing plant properties to the sensitive tissue of the vulva and perineum, where it is absorbed and carried to the uterus, ovaries and other reproductive tissue directly. By applying the herbs this way you bypass the digestive tract giving a more direct application to the pelvic area. Much like steam inhalation is used for lung complaints by inhaling via the nasal passages. The skin our largest organ, can be a very effective way to apply herbs, absorbing large amounts of anything applied topically.

I have studied with world renowned Keli Garza aka The Steamy Chick to ensure I deliver a safe and effective practice and herbal blends. There are rare certain cases where steaming would not be advised until a particular health issue has been professionally diagnosed and managed. I have developed 4 specific herbal steam blends to address individual needs. To arrange a consult and or steam session see details below. To purchase herbs please visit the online store.


Which Queen are you?


Vaginal Steaming or Yoni Steaming? They are the same thing. The Vagina is actually just the internal passage whereas the correct name for the external female genitals is the Vulva, the labia minora and majora, clitoris, urethra, vaginal entrance. Yoni is a Hindi/Sanskrit word meaning the whole female reproductive system, but more than that, has multilayered meaning, partly the Yoni denotes a spiritual source of life. How beautiful that there is a word to encompass all of that! 

Did you know that your period does not need to = pain? Although it has become normalised in our current society because it is common. However common does not = normal. All Women deserve to have a cycle that is gentle and just a sweet reminder that we are deeply connected to the lunar cycles. Also while our Yoni's are all unique and different in appearance, with our own unique scent, the scent and discharge (often at ovulation) should be like Sweet Nectar.

Vaginal or Yoni Steaming has been associated with assisting with a wide variety of Women's reproductive issues such as:

  • Regulating Menstrual Cycles

  • Lengthening Short Cycles - less than 28 days

  • Assisting to Resolve Interim Bleeding

  • Bringing on Delayed Cycles - more than 32 days 

  • Decreasing Heavy Flow

  • Easing Painful Menstruation

  • Easing Pain and Bloating of  PMS

  • Decrease and Assist with Fibroids, Cysts & Uterine Prolapse

  • Clearing Old Residue associated with Endometriosis & Adenmyosis

  • Healing Scar Tissue

  • Resolving Bacterial, Fungal (Yeast) and Viral Infections

  • Resolve Abnormal Discharge - coloured or smelly

  • Postpartum Recovery - wait 6 weeks with c-section

  • Relieve dryness Associated with Menopause and other Hormonal Life Changes

  • Assist with Resolving Trauma both Birth and Sexual

  • Maintain Healthy Cycles and Fertility 

  • Develop a Ritual of Self Care and Self Love

Do NOT steam if:

  • You are pregnant

  • You are trying to conceive and you have already ovulated

  • You are bleeding - either a period or spotting

  • You have had spontaneous or interim bleeding within the last 3 months. This means you have had a period and then you have had bleeding in-between the next period. This is different to very light spotting, which is ok, but I must be informed of. 

Ready to get steaming? Scroll down to book an online or over the phone consult to find out which Vagina/Yoni Steam herbal blend will suit you best? Or I could come to your home with my chair and do a consult and steam session, give you a foot soak and relaxing head rub. This is especially good for postpartum recovery. Both options include a pack of Vagina/Yoni Steam Herbs which will do 10 steams. Once you have done your initial consult you can then top up on herbs via the online shop or see me at a local market. 


Available in the local Mid North Coast, NSW region as mobile service to your home or an online consult. 



Sweet Nectar Steam Sessions

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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