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Postpartum Doula Support Packages

Nurture the Mother to Nurture the Baby

By reviving the ancient practice of Postpartum care in a modern context you can have a fulfilling and love filled transition into Motherhood.


Packages can also be tailored to your needs, whether that be cultural, eg cooking certain foods, preparing certain herbs or change of timeline.


Local and organically grown food and herbs included in package pricing. All New Mama's will receive a specially tailored basket of New Mama essentials.


Gift Certificates Available. 

Call or email to arrange a no obligation phone or in person meeting to discuss your needs & answer questions,

I have tailored a delicious selection of meals and snacks for your postpartum sanctuary, based on traditional foods and modern nutrition

Doula Pamper package for a Day 

Sample Traditional Postpartum Care for a day? A perfect gift of nurture for yourself, a New Mama or baby shower gift? Often overwhelmed with physical gifts  after the birth of a new baby, in reality all we need is care and healing. I would love to tailor a day session for your needs.

Postpartum Retreat

Invest in your sacred postpartum window and create your own baby-moon retreat? 


6, 4, 3 or 2 week packages available.

For a FREE no obligation meeting to start planning your nurturing and peaceful transition into Motherhood to set the healthy foundations for you and your family 

In home Support


In home support for the sacred window after the birth of your baby and yourself as a Mother includes:

  • Providing emotional support,

  • Breastfeeding guidance and referrals if needed

  • Prepare delicious and nurturing meals

  • Assistance to organise a meal train with friends and family.

  • Knowledge of herbs used in cooking and teas to promote healing during this special time.

  • Relaxation Massage with training in Lomi Lomi (a flowing relaxing style) and Reflexology

  • Belly binding and baby wearing.

  • Assist with care of children and household chores

  • Herbal Vaginal Steam Facilitation - otherwise known as Yoni Steam to assist in birth recovery

Vaginal Steaming

Vaginal Steaming for Postpartum recovery was and is a common practice in many cultures.


It has amazing benefits and is best started in the first week after birth once lochia (postpartum bleeding) eases and at 6 weeks after c-section.



  • Assist with healing birth injury and local healing of vulva, vagina, perenium

  • Reduce swelling

  • Assist with haemorrhoids 

  • Ensure a good circulation during your rest period

  • Cleanse of uterus after birth

  • Prevent infection

  • May stimulate oxytocin - the love, bonding & breastfeeding hormone

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