Specially tailored Honeysuckle Queen herbal blend for the postpartum time.  About 30 steams per packet. If you would like to find out what herbs will best suit you see information below or please check out my V-Steam page. To arrange an online consult and one month support for only $20 extra, choose consult option in shop.



Postpartum Vaginal Steam Herbs

  • I lovingly grow at least half of the herbs that I use in the Vaginal Steam blends. They are grown organically and regeneratively without the use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides. I used fresh compost as fertiliser. This way I am providing an extremely fresh herbal product for your health. The other herbs are all sourced from Certified organic growers. The steams have core herbs that never change, however about 2-3 herbs in each blend may change seasonally however all blend are equally effective.