Note: The consult is $15 but I have put it as $3 and the store will add on $12 shipping. Unfortunately this the only way I can do it at this stage. Please make this purchase seperately to buying herbs and other products. Why have I made this a paid item? I've found I was spending a lot of time in consultation with people for free. Thanks you for understanding.


If you're needing some extra guidance choosing the right herbs for you and knowing how and when to steam, this is the perfect way to get some support in the beginning, especially in the postpartum. With this purchase you can email me as many times as you want for the first month. I'm always here for questions following that period but the first month consult will likely give you all the clarity you need. Please email me here with the following:


Subject: Steam Consult


Reason: Postpartum or Menstrual Cycle

History and Situation: Please give me as much information about your menstrual cycle now or previous to pregnancy. I may send through a form or more questions to gain clarity and to ensure you get the right herbs. 

Online Consult Vaginal Steam via email $15

Consult Type

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