$40 for consult and herbs plus $12 shipping.


The herb packet will supply you for 30+ steams!


Why have I made this a paid item? I've found I was spending a lot of time in consultation with people for free. Thanks you for understanding.


I am now offering a postpartum blend in the shop and then this option for online consultation via email (zoom call is an option too) and making specifically tailored blends for people. 🌼 In this way I feel the best results will be achieved for each individual. Some steam blends can double as a tea and it is super relaxing to sip on a herbal tea while steaming to help you create a mindful space of slowing down.


Maybe you’re looking for:

🌼 a nurturing practice to assist in maintaining reproductive health as many cultures have done for years

🌸 or looking to optimise healing after birth

🌿 or compliment treating and preventing an issue such as thrush, BV, UTI, scar tissue, painful periods and more


There is an offer for:

💛 consult and herb blend including postage in Australia

💜 consult only and a list of herbs for you to source in you area


Consults will include:


🌝specifically tailored herbs

🌛steam plan - when, frequency, how long, how to etc

🌚 email support for one month

🌜advice and offer of other practices, herbs and teas to assist


Please email me here with the following:


Subject: Steam Consult


Reason: Postpartum or Menstrual Cycle

History and Situation: Please give me as much information about your menstrual cycle now or previous to pregnancy. I may send through a form or more questions to gain clarity and to ensure you get the right herbs. 

Online Consult Vaginal Steam via email plus herbs