A nutrient packed delicious food package to nurture and nourish a new Mama. This is the ultimate baby shower gift! Delivered Weekly to the Manning Valley and fortnightly to the Great Lakes region. Contact me for other areas to discuss cost. All food will last a week refridgerated. The Ghee will last months - although I doubt it will last that long. I have gift certificates, just make a note that you would like it to be for the food package when you order. If you would like me to leave food package at your door to save interruptions, please leave an esky or cooler bag with ice pack out front on Monday Morning. I am super happy to come in though and unpack into your fridge and say hello. Deliveries between 8:30am - 12pm. Add on $10 delivery fee option at checkout

Nurture & Nourish Food Package

Herbal Broth

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