This Nourishing New Mama's Postpartum Basket is the perfect gift for a New Mama, Mother Blessing or Baby Shower. Includes:

  • Postpartum Tea - tailored to assist Mama's recouperate from birth, relax and breastfeed
  • Spiced Turmeric Latte - a blend of spices to create a gorgeous golden warm milky drink, perfect healthy pick-me-up for New Mama's and everyone for that matter!
  • Massage Oil - A blend of sweet almond and jojoba oil, infused with calendula oil. A gentle soothing massage oil for New Mama, self and baby massage. Topical use only.
  • Vaginal Steam - A new concept for many but a very old practice. A tailored blend for vaginal health for New Mama's and Women at any stage of life. See instruction for use here
  • Belly Tube - Many culture wrap a New Mama's abdomen after birth. There are many ways to do this but I have found the elasticated tubular bandage the easiest to use and wash. The perfect example of modern materials used in a ancient context. Please wait until returning home before use if you had a Cesearean Section. 
  • Indigo Wrap - This is my special signature gift made with love and blessings, a cotton wrap, hand dyed with natural indigo by myself. Indigo was believed to hold protective powers in many cultures and often used to dye fabric and wrap a baby and New Mama. Today we know that natural Indigo is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial to some degree. The wrap is included not only for the baby but for the Mama to wear as a scarf also, in this way the Mama's scent will be left on the scarf and can be used to wrap baby at times when Mama needs a break, having a shower, sleep, massage etc

New Mama's Postpartum Basket


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