Mama Love Hampers


Small Hamper:

  • New Mama Tea - tailored to nourish with mineral rich herbs, while calming the nervous system and supporting digestive & immune health. Perfect for the postpartum and beyond


  • Moon Milk Latte mix - based on Ayurvedic herbs using the gentle yet powerful adaptogens, shatavari and ashwagandha mixed with warming and immune supportive cinnamon, nutmeg and black pepper. A perfect and easy to use mix to add make as a warm milky drink to nourish at any time in life, especially  during the fourth trimester. 


  • Spiced Turmeric Latte - a blend of spices to create a gorgeous golden warm milky drink, perfect healthy relaxing and nourishing cuppa! Also great to add to cooking, broths and soups. 


  • Stanless Steel "tea bag" infuser


  • Healing Balm - infused with calendula, chickweed and plantain perfect for adult, bubs and children. Use on dry lips, itchy or dry skin, bites, chaffed skin including sore nipples and bums. Just wipe off nipples before breastfeeding.


Large Hamper:

  • All of the above


  • Bamboo Flask with stainless steel inner and inbuilt removable infuser (instead of Stanless Steel "tea bag" infuser)


Mama Love Hamper