Medicinal Balms infused with freshly picked and dried homegrown and foraged herbs.


Healing Balm: chickweed, plantain and calendula to make a truly gentle healing and nourishing balm. Perfect for any dry skin, cracked lips, nipples, baby's bottom, grazes etc. 


Olive Oil infused with Chickweed, Plantain, Calendula, Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil Bees Wax and a small amount of lavender essential oil as a preservative.


Native Mint and Ginger: a beautiful scented balm. Perfect for tummy aches and troubles, rub abdomen gently with this balm


Native Mint and Ginger infused olive oil and bees wax


Mugwort Balm: connected to the female Greek deity Artemis, protector of woodlands and animals, and goddess of fertility and childbirth. Thus, it is considered a “woman’s herb” with an afifnity for the female reproductive system (Gladstar, 1993). Rub gently on lower abdomen and lower back to support menstruation and postpartum recovery. 




Mugwort infused olive oil and bees wax



Medicinal Balms