Stretchy Belly Band - for added core support after birth. Start to use 2 weeks after vaginal birth and 4-6 weeks after belly birth (c-section). Start with an hour or so a day when standing and moving around and increase use over time slowly. There's no need to wear it when resting. Please wait until surgery site has healed before use if you had a Cesearean Section. 


Many cultures wrap a New Mama's abdomen after birth and believe it helps not only for support but to assist the uterus and organs to return to there original position. There are many ways to do this but I have found the elasticated tubular bandage the easiest to use and wash. The perfect example of modern materials used in a ancient context.

Elasticised Belly Wrap/Band

  • The elasticised belly wrap is VERY stretchy and comes in 2 sizes:

    Small-Medium = Size 8-14

    Large- X Large = Size 16+


    The wrap is one metre in length but will come folded in half. Leave it doubled like this (0.5m). Wear under clothing, step into it with your feet and and pull it up to your waist. Stretch wrap up to above your waist, just under breast line and down to cover your hips.