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Garden Inspired Jam Packed with Goodness Omelette

Omelettes! I eat a lot of them! They are quick, easy and versatile. It's always a great way to eat a few eggs at once. I know eggs have had a bad rap over the years from cholesterol to cage eggs, but these days you can find eggs easily from happy chickens. We have our own chickens but they go through phases of laying well and then not-so, so I also pick up eggs from other local growers at the farmers market or local general stores that sometime stock ol' Granny Maria's eggs from her backyard down the road.

Eggs are a nutrient dense powerhouse. The cholesterol thing is a myth, it seems if we don't consume enough, our body will produce more! We also need a lot, especially for brain function. Eggs are a wonderful source of protein, omega 3's, Vitamin E, A and D, oh and the very important but forgotten choline. I'm referencing Lily Nichols RDN author of Real Food for Pregnancy. You can check out the podcast I did with Lily here or on Anchor fm or iTunes all of the links to her website, blog and book are there too.

Back to the omelette. No omelette is ever the same here and is always a reflection of what I have in the garden seasonally, what I have made up in the fridge and how my tastebuds are feeling - what I'm craving. While we're talking about seasonal eating I love this idea! That we eat what is in season and that nature has a certain intelligence that gives us the medicine we need at certain times of the year. It also helps us to eat locally.

So todays omelette was jam packed with greens Japanese spinach (Okinawa Spinach), Moringa, Parsley, Land Cress, Chickweed & Tarragon leaves & flowers & kefir cheese. You can get as crafty as you feel! Add a few mushrooms, onion, garlic, tomato, the sky is the limit.

I cook my omelette in ghee - I'll share a quick how to make ghee another time - which is clarified butter & has a high burn temperature and is grounding, nutritious & delicious, you could also use butter, avocado or rice bran oil. I heat the pan up on high while I'm quickly whisking the eggs roughly with a fork.

Pour the eggs into a hot pan and then place one half of the pan over the burner or element and turn down - you want one half of the omelette to cook faster.

Then prepare the "filling" ingredients, for me today this was the greens and some milk kefir cheese - use you could use cottage or fetta cheese. Place the filling on the runnier or more uncooked side of the omelette. Flip the cooked side over on top of filling and move pan to cook remainder of omelette. The heat will warm and wilt the greens, cheese and herbs. Yum!

When cooked, plate up with condiments of your choice! Today I had sauerkraut, fresh herb garnish, land cress and dukkah. Check out my last foodie blog post for the dukkah recipe and remember dukkah is like kindness "sprinkle that s*%t everywhere"!

Oh and what is that trio of drinks you ask? No I didn't have a few friends around - It's meant to be my kid free work day - this is work right!? It is actually a fancy trio latte set I made my self as a self care treat. I sell turmeric latte as well as 2 other blends, maca and medicinal mushrooms. These will all be on the online shop soon and are very much be a part of my in home Postpartum Doula Support Service.

So go whip yourself and the fam an omelette and let me know how it turned out! What are your favourite additions?

Love Shelley

aka Pollination Mama

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