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Hi, my name is Shelley and I'm a Mama to two living on the Mid North Coast of NSW near Taree on a quarter acre with gardens and chickens.


I'm also a Postpartum Doula, Real Food Enthusiast, Home Herbalist dedicated to the revitalisation of postpartum care.  Largely inspired by my own growth and challenges into Motherhood.


By practicing the ancient art of postpartum care culture, in a modern context, I believe we can nurture and nourish Women, Children and Families to have a fulfilling and supported transition into Motherhood. I offer nourishing meals, teas, massage, herbal support and importantly a safe space of emotional support to allow families to find their own unique innate wisdom amongst the glorious messy chaos. 


I also aim to offer Holistic Womencare amongst which I grow, dry and produce herbs for my quality bespoke herbal products to aid in optimal health for womanhood, pregnancy, postpartum and beyond.  I am a Steamy Chick Certified Vaginal Steam Facilitator with studies in Postpartum Steam Treatments. I truly believe in the power of the steam to assist in physical and emotional healing, having experienced this firsthand and working alongside Women.


I am currently studying family Herbalism with The Herbal Academy of New England and training with Rachelle Garcia Seliga of Innate Postpartum Traditions. I am a Newborn Mothers Graduate, have studied Reflexology, Lomi Lomi & Traditional Chinese Massage and have background Qualifications in Social Work working primarily with Women and Children.


I love connecting with new people from all walks of life at all life phases so please reach out.


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More About Postpartum Care

The Golden Month - Postpartum Retreat

Having learnt through personal experience and study, I now know that the first months after birth, the "Sacred Window" or "Fourth Trimester" was recognised by many cultures is an extremely important time for Women to slow down, be completely nurtured and just fall in love with baby while learning to breastfeed and adjust to the new world of motherhood.


I am excited to be able to share my knowledge and services with you to create your postpartum dream.


It is your birthright to transition into Motherhood with ease, grace and a deep contentment. Whether becoming a Mother for the first, second or fifth time, each transition brings with it a unique and a new opportunity for growth and deeper loving connection. 

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