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Nurture the Mother to Nurture the Baby

By reviving the ancient practice of Postpartum care in a modern context

you can have a fulfilling and love filled transition into Motherhood


Traditional Wisdom

Cultures the world around all recognised the important need to nurture and nourish a New Mother. All with varied practises yet so similar.


Some cultures even have a special name to honour and signify the New Mama for the first year, no matter whether she has birthed for the 1st or 10th time.

In our current culture we often praise the image of the super-mum who is up on her feet within hours or days after birth and then back to everyday household and family duties.


However traditionally a New Mama was treated as precious and sacred, having just crossed a threshold, bringing new life into the world. The New Mama would be protected and nurtured in order for her to be able to nourish her baby and experience long term emotional and physical health. 

With growing numbers of New Mamas experiencing postpartum depletion, depression or other related mental health issues it is time to turn the tide and revive our traditional care practises, within a modern context. 

Biripi Country

We live and work on Biripi country, within the Biripi nation. We pay our respects to these custodians, past, present and future. Standing beside First Nations people on their journey for voice, truth telling and treaty. This will always be Biripi country.

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